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Malibu Sauna

Malibu Sauna

Enjoy the rich and famous lifestyle of having your very own home sauna. The Malibu Far Infrared sauna for sale in Canada offers a space efficient design, easy to assemble. Perfect for the fitness room, right after a good workout entering in the infra red cabin, followed by a good shower, will make you feel real good. This Infrared Cabin requires a standard 120V outlet and only 14 Amps to operate. No expensive set-up, electrician or plumber is needed. Just relax and enjoy the Sauna Benefits that the Malibu has to offer. Get ready to feel healthy again !

Sale Price: $ 2,995.00     

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Delmar Sauna

DelMar Sauna

Our New DelMar FAR Infrared Sauna will amaze you with the exclusive CarbonWave 360 Fiber carbon panels. Let the infrared panels wrap you up with a nice even heat that your body will enjoy. Available in natural Hemlock or RED Cedar Wood, this cabin includes many luxurious features. The Del Mar Sauna will offer you the perfect healthy oasis you have been looking for.

Sale Price: $ 3,595.00     

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Newport Sauna

Newport Sauna

With its clever design, the Newport Far Infrared corner sauna is the favourite retreat for Lover’s. Original by itself, it offers a large interior that permits couples to sit facing each other, instead of the classic, one next to each other. Basically a 3 person sauna, a single person will enjoy the room to stretch all the way out. The fabulous view when inside, enables you to see all around, avoiding the claustrophobia felling of smaller saunas. Let the Newport enrich you life and improve your health.

Sale Price: $ 3,995.00     

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Hollywood Sauna

Hollywood Sauna

Our best Far Infrared Sauna is definitely the Hollywood sauna, powered by 2,850 watts of pure infrared energy that will make you feel great. Powerful enough to be considered as a commercial sauna, it is commonly used by many, as a home sauna. Included inside, the lovely chromotherapy lighting, this cabin will provide you with the power you need for many therapeutic sauna sessions to come. Get the maximum health benefits and reach for that better health. You and your family will enjoy the Hollywood FAR Infrared Sauna, why wait. !

Sale Price: $ 4,395.00     

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