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Sauna Carbon Technology

Infrared Sauna Technology. (Far Infrared Saunas)

Sauna Carbon Technology CarbonWave 360 Heaters

Our Home Saunas or Far Infrared Saunas (FIR) technology is one of the best you could get in today Infrared Sauna Market. The CarbonWave 360 is revolutionary in many ways. First, it covers up to 4.0 m≤ (6,200 Square Inches) of direct heat distribution, resulting in more efficient infrared skin absorption. Secondly, the carbon based heaters are manufactured using a mixture of 20 different kinds of organic elements and minerals. The CarbonWave 360 is designed to provide the optimal infrared frequency target of 8 to 10 Microns and delivers the best possible heat absorption in the infrared industry.

Our sauna operating temperature is between 25C to 65C (150F) compared to the traditional sauna that reaches 90C (190F). We believe that itís not the heat temperature that is important but how much infrared rays you absorb. For example, like laying in the sun. At first, you will feel no change, after a while you will start to sweat and the longer you stay in the sun, the more your body will absorb infrared rays. You will start to feel much warmer; eventually you will feel too hot and go inside. The air temperature did not change but you did feel warmer. Itís the same as in the sauna. The CarbonWave 360 heaters will increase the sweat production because they are efficient, cost effective and the most important, are safe. Try out our Home Sauna and see for yourself.

The Chart above shows the correlation between the infrared heat being put out by the human body and of that being produced using our exclusive Carbon Wave 360 Technology. Looking at the chart you will see that they are easily within 5% of each other. By mimicking the ideal range of human infrared heat, the body is able to absorb and utilize these healing rays very efficiently.

Infrared Sauna Studies

The recent studies on Infrared revealed that the far infrared rays having wavelength ranging from 6 microns to 14 microns played an important role for formation and growing of living things.

All living things on the earth have in common water and proteins. If the water molecules are expose to a frequency of 8-10 micron, resonance occurs. This is a good thing, its natural, again found in all living things. Its the fondation of the Infrared Sauna.

This resonance causes water ionization to change into hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion at extremely high speed. This ionization is called "activation of water". If such activation of water occurs in human cellular tissues, the metabolism of cells and excretion of residues from cells or nutrition are enhanced, promoting the growing of living things. The infrared rays from the sun are peak at 3.5 to 10 microns of wavelength. Therefore it can be easily understood that the infrared rays of 6 to 14 microns are particularly important for a living things. The FAR infrared have attracted researchers attention because of their marvellous effect to human being.

Sauna Carbon Technology

Our saunas are all top of the line infrared saunas with new radiant carbonwave 360 Fiber Technology and includes chromotherapy lighting. Efficient 7 colors LED lighting. With this luxury lights package turned on, your Sauna will set the mood and the tone for that great relaxing session inside the sauna. While relaxing in your Infrared sauna, choose one of the 7 different color lighting options and enjoy the many health benefits including the chromotherapy relaxing enviroment for many years to come. Whether you want to relax alone or with someone, our saunas are offered in different sizes to meet your needs. Our infrared carbon heaters produce radiant energy which is the same as the heat from the sun, only without the harmful UV rays.

This specific carbon heater is made up of approximately 20 organic minerals, creating infrared waves that heat your body directly and more efficiently, instead of just the air around you. The TropicalSaunas models distributed by Montreal Sauna offer the perfect infrared heat that is soothing just like luxurious heat. The back, leg and floor heating panels allow your feet and legs to feel what the rest of your body feels. The beauty of or saunas come from the wood being used, from the high quality hemlock wood to the more rustic optional cedar wood, including a full gorgeous glass door with side windows using only tempered glass, this will give you the non-claustrophobic feeling and provide you with that chic look you have been looking for.

Also, if you should need a cool breeze while relaxing in your home sauna, the conveniently placed adjustable vent is there for you, simply reach up and open it for your convenience.The saunas are designed with an EZ Lock System without the use of unsightly clips and locks. We include inside and outside, easy to use Soft Touch Controls so you donít have to get out of your relaxing sauna session. Also, while relaxing in your infrared home Sauna, you can read a magazine, listen to the radio or your favourite CD. It is there for your health and for you to enjoy !!

Sauna Carbon Technology

Infrared Sauna Danger - Beware of sauna dangers BEFORE buying !!.

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