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Interview with world renowned Dr RobinsDr. Robins Infrared cabins Testimonial

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is infrared?

Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of radio waves. This radiating energy penetrates the body and heats it directly and more efficiently through a process called conversion. It is the same heat generated by a traditional sauna but with a frequency spectrum optimized for the human body, increasing the heat efficiency and does not heat up the surrounding air uselessly.

Are infrared saunas safe?

Yes, all living thing generates infrared heat, this far infrared heat is a form of energy. The sun is an example of a principle source of infrared radiant energy that we experience on a daily basis. Our bodies absorb, as well as emit infrared radiant energy. Our infrared saunas generated a concentrated frequency range of between 8-10 microns. This is very close to your own body’s frequency of 9.4 microns. The closer this frequency is, the more beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

What is the difference in heaters between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

Actually both saunas do generate infrared heat. All heat is infrared no matter what the source. The traditional sauna is just simply a heater that will generate infrared energy in an uncontrolled manner and will emits a much larger spectrum of infrared so that this energy heats up everything in its path, like the surrounding air, rocks, wood, metal etc. On the other hand, the new saunas that we call Infrared saunas have multiple heaters that produce radiant heat which is the same heat generated by the human body. They are more efficient to run and provide better results. Our carbon heater elements are made up of approximately 20 organic minerals creating infrared heat waves that will heat up your body directly, instead of just the air around you.

Why are your CarbonWave 360 Carbon Fiber heating panels better than ceramic tubes?

There is a significant difference between our technology and the others. Our exclusive CarbonWave 360 carbon fiber panels are the latest cutting edge technology. They provide an unprecedented up to 6200 in² of surface area heat, compared to ceramic tubes which only provide 100-200 in². This is important, because our carbon fiber panels offer a broad heat distribution leading to a greater amount of absorption. Some ceramic heaters can make it difficult for an individual to lean against, as opposed to carbon based panels, which have a lower surface temperature.

• Ceramic has longer heating/warm-up time. Our saunas reach the temperature of 50°C after only 15 Minutes.
• Infrared conversion rate for Ceramic is 68% vs 98% for Carbon.
• 15,000 hours of expected operating time for Ceramic vs 100,000 hours for Carbon.
• Ceramic is older Technology.

Are the lower temperatures in an infrared sauna still effective?

Yes, an infrared sauna may allow for up to three times the sweat volume produced compared to a traditional sauna. Far infrared technology is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying metals such as mercury and aluminum, as well as cholesterols, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins when compared to conventional heat or steam saunas. In an infrared sauna, the therapeutic operating temperature is much cooler, 45°C to 65°C (100F-150F) compared to a traditional sauna which requires temperatures of 75°C to 90°C (160F-190F). This is important because one can withstand longer therapy sessions, resulting in increased sweat production.

What type of wood do you use?

We use only high quality Hemlock. Our classic Canadian Red Cedar is an optional upgrade. Montreal Saunas prides itself on providing a superior handcrafted infrared sauna. We never use toxic glues or plastics in our saunas.

What wood should I chose?

We offer both the Hemlock and Cedar wood. Both woods are an excellent choice. The hemlock is a heavier wood and has no scent; it is a more affordable than the cedar wood. The Cedar wood on the other hand will have a smell, some people adore the smell and others not. The main difference is that cedar wood is recommended for areas where the sauna will be exposed to a lot of humidity, like in a bathroom or next to an indoor pool or SPA. This is to avoid or prevent any mildew from forming. Other than that, it all comes down to your preferences. The wood being darker may prevail to offer a better décor. Many studies were conducted on the cedar wood being unhealthy for the body and concluded that the cedar wood does not show any evidence of injury to the human health in any ways. See the EPA Report .

Do I need special electrical wiring?

The Malibu Sauna is designed to plug into a standard household outlet rated at 15 amps. The NewPort and Delmar Sauna requires a dedicated 20 amp outlet. The Hollywood Sauna requires a 220V / 20Amp outlet. We recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to install a dedicated outlet for the NewPort, Delmar and/or Hollywood. Beware of companies that advertise larger saunas that plug into standard 15 amp outlets. These saunas have reduced effectiveness due to the lack of power being supplied. This may increase your warm up time and peak temperature ability.

How do I clean my sauna?

Clean your infrared sauna often to keep a fresh and well maintained appearance.
Sweep or vacuum your sauna periodically to remove dirt, hair, etc.
Wipe down the walls where people have touched them, i.e. above benches, around doors and controls as needed.
Use a bucket of warm water and a clean cloth or sponge, then rinse well with a fresh damp cloth and plain water. Never use any toxic cleaning products inside the sauna.


- Avoid heavy detergents as they can discolour your wood or leave a residue, which could emit irritating or harmful fumes.
- Do not use too much water as the wood will tend to turn dark.
- Never hose down the interior or exterior of an infrared sauna.
- Never apply paint, stain or other chemical finishes or sealants to the interior of your sauna. The heat from your infrared sauna may cause the surface to become too hot to the touch or cause toxic fumes to be released.
- It is recommended that users take a shower prior to entering the infrared sauna. Before sitting or reclining on benches, place a towel under each person to absorb perspiration.

Does my Sauna have a warranty?

We are so confident about our product, we offer a limited Warranty on cabinetry, electrical and heating panels. Just call or email a Customer Service Representative for any replacement parts. The CD and/or DVD player carries a separate warranty from the original manufacturer.

What electrical safety certifications does Montreal Sauna carry?

We carry ETL, CE , RoHS and ISO9001 approved electrical safety certifications on all of our infrared saunas in Canada.

What is the cost of running an Infrared Sauna?

Daily 30 minute therapeutic infrared sauna sessions with a 15 minute warm up period to reach the operational temperature, performed for a month, may only cost a few dollars. Other traditional hot air saunas can double your electric bill.

How do I install my sauna when it arrives?

Installation of the sauna was designed to be quick and easy, with minimal tools required. Our step by step, illustrated Installation Manual can be printed right from our website. This can be downloaded and viewed on screen. You always have the option of hiring someone to install your sauna for you.

How do I pay for my sauna?

We accept Credit Cards, Visa and MasterCard. For faster service please use PayPal online.

How is my sauna delivered ?

Your Sauna will be shipped directly from our distribution warehouse within 7 business days of receiving your order and payment authorization. Your sauna will be shipped via a local transportation company. Our team uses state of the art packaging to ensure safe arrival of your sauna. Your sauna is packaged in 3 boxes. In addition to improved packaging, your sauna will be strapped to a pallet and shrink wrapped to protect the sauna from transportation damage. The delivery period is usually 7 business days.

Why should I buy from Montreal Sauna?

- Factory direct pricing (no middle man)
- Free delivery in all of Canada
- High quality performance sauna
- Best value for your money
- Secure payment options
- We stand behind our products
- Unsurpassed customer service and support
- Many extras included with every sauna
- We will never give away or sell your information

What features are included in our models at Montreal Sauna?

- Quick and easy assembly
- EZ lock system without unsightly clips
- Two control panels inside and outside with soft touch control buttons
- Luxury light package
- 7 different Sauna Chromotherapy lights
- Built in back rest
- Oxygen Ionizer
- Kenwood AM/FM/CD/MP3 player
- Cup holder and towel rack
- Completely portable
- Beautiful glass doors and windows
- Plugs into 110V (220V for 5 person sauna)
- Back, leg and floor heating panels

Infrared Sauna Facts Key elements unique to Tropical Saunas:

- Heaters have the largest surface area of any sauna.
- We have 100% Carbon Panels and the largest heating panels in todays market.
- Our saunas provides 8 to 10 microns of infrared heat, this is the optimal range required for our body.
- The fastest heat up time of any carbon sauna including large heating panel for even heat distribution.
- Only use water based glues (no off gassing).
- Steel encased wiring which provides EMF shielding.
- Crafted using thick tongue and groove double walled construction - 8mm each.
~ (Most saunas only have 4 to 6 mm. thicknesses).
- Made from Canadian hemlock or red cedar - water based kiln-dried wood with organic oil.
- Tropical Saunas have ETL (Electrical Testing Labs) Seal - most difficult certification to receive.
- No cloth covering over the Carbon Heating Panels.
- Normal operating cost of our infrared saunas is $0.12 to $0.20 per therapy session. High efficiency, Low energy cost.

EMF - What you need to Know. (Electro Magnetic Field)

Unlike traditional Finnish saunas that indirectly heat the people sitting inside by heating the air with steam, infrared saunas heat their occupants directly, by emitting far infrared radiant heat which slightly penetrates their bodies. Although these infrared waves are similar to those produced by the sun, solar energy also includes harmful ultraviolet rays. Infrared from an infrared sauna does not.

However, some people are concerned about the electromagnetic fields, EMF in an infrared sauna. After all, we know the intense EMFs created by high-voltage power lines are dangerous.

EMFs are measured in units called milligauss (mG) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) has proposed an exposure of 3 mG as the upper level of safety. Some people report testing EMF in an infrared sauna with a gauss meter and seeing high EMF readings. In light of these reports, it’s a good idea to ask about the EMF levels produced by a sauna’s heater before you buy the sauna. You certainly don’t want a shock if you later find out your sauna produces high EMF levels.

On the other hand, I’ve heard about people who have also measured the EMF levels in other parts of their homes. These people discovered that their computer monitors, televisions, clock radios, cordless phones and microwave ovens were actually putting out much higher EMF levels than the EMF in an infrared sauna. Many infrared saunas use EMF-shielded cables and as a result, they generate only very low-level EMFs. In many cases, the outside lights produce the highest fields. Some home detectives, armed with their trusty gauss meters, have identified the back wall of their sauna, right where the power cord plugs into the electrical outlet, as the place in the sauna with the highest EMF.

But the EMF readings are much higher in people’s kitchens (microwave ovens, remember?), near home computers, televisions and in their bedrooms. You could say that the EMF in an infrared sauna is actually a drop in the bucket compared to what you’re being exposed to throughout the day in your kitchen, living room, den and bedroom. So, when you compare the small amount of EMF you receive from spending thirty minutes per day in your sauna to the levels you experience just by using your microwave oven, sitting at your home and/or work computer, and watching TV for hours every day, you begin to see how tiny your EMF exposure from your sauna really is. The EMF you’re exposed to from an infrared sauna isn’t the real problem.

EMF is everywhere around us. Our homes and offices are chock full of EMFs. The electrical appliances we use, our computers (not just the monitors, but also the computer keyboards and mouse), the wireless modems we find so convenient for accessing the Internet, our cordless phones, the clock radios beside our beds, our hair dryers, cell phones and even the wiring throughout the walls of our homes - all of them constantly produce an EMF. And some people, including those who live near a microwave tower, high-voltage power lines or have a high-voltage box in their yard, are exposed to even higher EMF levels than that. In my opinion, those are the real hazards, not the low-level EMF in an infrared sauna.

A lot of people are now measuring the EMF levels they’re exposed to in different parts of their home by using a simple gauss meter. You can join them, because the meters aren’t very expensive (approx $30).

I certainly don’t claim to know everything about EMFs and whether they pose any risks, but it seems to me that if you want to cut back your exposure, the best place to do it is where we spend a lot of hours every day being exposed to a constant flow of EMF. That’s not in a sauna that we’re only in for thirty minutes a day and puts out very little EMF to begin with. The EMF inside our saunas are rated at approx 1.7 mG.

However, if you are still concerned with EMF and want to protect yourself and your loved ones, you will be happy to know that we now offer, as a option, the “0 EMF” infrared heaters, manufactured in Japan and sold as an add on Kit, the no EMF Heaters can now be purchased for the following saunas:

- Malibu   $ 395 each
- Delmar   $ 495 each
- Newport   $ 495 each
- Hollywood $ 595 each

Free Delivery, if ordered at same time with one of our saunas. Afterwards, delivery charge will be required. Local Pick up is free. The above heaters were tested in Laboratory and provide the best Infrared heat with no EMF output.

You could now have a EMF Free Sauna.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate in any way to call us at 1-888-494-3218, or email us at

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